Who can participate in GO Sing?

Any and all children in grades 2-5.

Does it cost anything to participate in GO Sing?

There is a yearly tuition rate of $250. However, there are scholarships available. E-mail Jason or call/text (248) 220-SING for more details.

Will my child have fun at GO Sing?

Yes. Singing in a group is a beautiful way to make friends! We will explore various cultures, sounds, instruments, languages, and games. Making music together is a wonderful way to make connections and understand the world and emotions around us.

Where will the choir perform?

The choir will sing at various locations in the community. We will offer a concert twice a year as well as smaller outings. Please check our schedule page for more details.

When does GO Sing rehearse?

GO Sing will rehearse on Thursday evenings from 5:15 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. Please check our schedule page for more details.

Where does GO Sing rehearse?

We will rehearse on the campus of University Presbyterian Church. We will share the campus with Oakland Youth Orchestra, another ensemble for young people!

Will my child be safe at GO Sing?

Safety is our first priority. Please check out our COVID safety policy for details on that plan.

What will my child learn at GO Sing?

Take a peek at our curriculum for a more detailed look at what they will be learning. Your child will be learning to understand and perform the universal language of music. That is a gift that will last a lifetime for your child! Singing is a learned skill that ANYONE can get better at.

Will my child gain confidence at GO Sing?

Yes. Poise is a skill that gets better with practice and positive reinforcement. Your child will be onstage and in front of people. Every time they get up on stage, it gets a tiny bit easier. This skill set carries over to eye contact, speaking clearly in public, voicing opinions in class, and so much more!

Still have more questions?

Please e-mail us or call/text (248) 220-SING.